COMMANDER™ Dental Cart

The COMMANDER was designed with the modern dental practice in mind. Its elegant form is the practical embodiment of precision and comfort. It is characterized by the same attention to detail that is expected of the best dentists.

The Commander is made of materials of the highest quality: polycarbonate, PVC and PMMA. Even the smallest element is finished perfectly, and the quality of the whole ensures that the cart will be the ideal addition to any dental practice.

Commander, together with the dental chair, cuspidor (spittoon) and lamp is a complete set intended for those practices in which dentists are accustomed to work with mobile dental units. It is recommended for dentists who require more free space around the dental chair and who prefer a system of long sleeves hung from the bottom. The flat surface of the cart table is readily used as a tray for tools. Commander may also be an additional device used for performing endodontic surgery. It has the same Endo Perfect System (EPS) as the Admiral dental unit. Such a solution is gladly used in multi-station practices, where endodontic operations are conducted less frequently and having one cart is sufficient to fulfil the practice’s needs.