One of the conditions necessary to ensure a high standard of treatment is a comfortable work area. Thanks to twenty years of experience and cooperation with dentists, the functionality of Denforce™ system equipment has been brought to perfection. The ergonomic construction of the dental units, perfectly balanced system of sleeve leading, the tools’ ease of use as well as the adjustment of parameters to one’s own preferences ensure luxury in the work place.

In Admiral dental units, the doctor’s work comfort is enhanced by the lack of blockades by the sleeve mechanisms as well as in the arms of the table. The mechanisms and arms are ideally balanced.

The thin dental chair support allows unhindered work with a patient in lying position.

The ideal solution for doctors’ access to the patient from the side reduces stress on the spine of dentists working with a sitting patient.

Suspension of the assistance console on a long, articulated arm allows its setting also from the right side of the armchair and facilitates the assistant’s work.

The dental chair headrests have an anatomical shape and full adjustment of all joints with one button. The snap-lock patent joint blockades prevent their breaking off.