Denforce  equipment is created with technology ensuring high technical culture. All processes at each stage of production are controlled according to a quality assurance system. In the process of selecting materials for production, the basic criteria are durability and functionality.The most important elements are made of stainless steel and composites.

The dental units of the Denforce system are among the most stable on the market. The unit’s firm construction limits vibration of the lamp and doctor’s console. In order to ensure many years of comfortable work, all joints are pivoted with ball bearings. The covers are made of composites; therefore, they do not become discoloured, cannot be scratched in normal application and are much more durable than other plastic or metal covers.

The type and quality of materials used in production definitely enhance the durability and esthetics of equipment, so that it can remain in use for many years.

The smoothness and durability of composite cover surfaces allow for easy and effective disinfection. The dental chairs can be equipped with seamless upholstery with replaceable plastic foil under the patient’s feet.

The unit includes implementation of an automatic system of sleeve rinsing. The multi-function foot control enables one to change functions without needing to use hands.