The Denforce ™ system assists dentists in ensuring high standards of treatment.

The multi-task tools, intuitional software and application of innovative functions considerably shorten the time of treatment and increase the precision of its performance. Application of the Endo Perfect System (EPS) focusses control over the entire process of endodontic treatment in one place and eliminates the need to connect any external components to the unit. It therefore enables one to avoid distracting the attention of a dentist having to glance at various screens or to set the parameters of tools connected to various control systems.

Implementing the Endo Perfect System (EPS)on a standard brush or brush-free micro-motor enables safe use of machine canal tools, minimising the risk of their breaking in the canal. Automatic reverse and the built-in endometer ensure nearly complete safety of operation. The micro-motor can be switched into rotation modes (min 60, max 1000), without the need of purchasing reduction contra-angles, while maintaining strong power. The necessity of changing contra-angle handpieces during the operation has been eliminated.

The Admiral and Commander dental units have applied a brush-free micro-motor integrated with the endometer with an auto-forward function and automatic endodontic programs. Nearing of the NiTi tool to the surface causes a reduction of the rotation moment.

Thanks to the Gyromatic function, conducting oscillation rotations with a 1:1 or 2:1 contra-angle, the dentist can widen the canal in the most convenient manner. The inclination angle can be regulated, as well as the speed at which the drill will rotate.

For implantologists there is a built-in: implantation micro-motor, a peristaltic pump and implantation software. The possibility of programing all micro-motor speed ranges increases comfortand safety of operations.

Denforce devices are equipped with a system calculating the effective work of turbines and contra-angles.

This enables the doctor to precisely determine the lubrication time, thus avoiding cases where tools are working without the lubrication necessary for their maintenance. The service life of turbines and contra-angle handpieces is increased by a few times in some cases, in this way enhancing the precision of work with rotation tools, which is of crucial importance for the tooth’s vitality. While working on the cavity, a drill that isn’t evenly working heats up the tooth, possibly causing its necrosis. Most important is the maintenance of a standard of precision. Contra-angles that are excessively lubricated during an operation “dirty” the tooth tissue with oil, causing the loosening of fillings.